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Frequently Asked Questions


Billing Questions

Q: When do I have to pay the final invoice? 
A: The final invoice will be emailed to you a month prior to your event but the payment is due a week prior to your event date.

Q: Do you have any travel fees? 
If your event is outside of Wasilla/Palmer or Girdwood then yes. For lodging we will need a one night stay (the night of the event) to cover the amount of people if you’re booking multiple services. Mileage we will calculate it and send it in the final invoice.


Services Questions

Q: For bartending services do you provide alcohol? 
A: No. Our bartenders have their TAPP card so they can serve alcohol in an establishment. Alcohol will need to be purchased by whoever is in charge of the event.

Q: How many bartenders do you recommend for my event? 
For every 60 people (over the age of 21) you should have one bartender. It’s overall a better experience to have an extra bartender so that everyone is being served in a timely manner especially if you’re having specialty drinks.

Q: When I book a DJ services, does that include prelude and ceremony? 
A: No. You decide how you want to use the time you booked for your wedding. For example, if you book 4 hours of DJ services you could use 30 minutes for prelude and ceremony and the rest (3 hours and 30 minutes) of the time for open dancing.

Q: How do I know which DJ I’m getting for my event?
A: Every 907 DJ has the same extensive training, same equipment, and music. The only difference is their style of mixing. For more info check out our 907 team tab to review each DJ. 

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